Morality and Ethics for Development Project

Council of Ministers Declaration Statement

In conformity to the resolution of Council of Ministers on 26 December 2000 regarding transparency of government organizations, Ministries, Departments, and other government organizations were required to create Transparency Strategy Plan and to report the result annually. On 20 July 2005, Council of Ministers was submitted a report of 2003, leading to the guidelines for 2006 that government organizations were to provide persuasive measures and to declare punishments. The guidelines were to be created in coordination with Office of The Public Sector Development Commission in order to establish transparency policy, annual budget appropriation, and asking for approval or deprivation of annual monetary award.

Thai Government has firmly declared war against corruption. Consequently, Council of Ministers reached a resolution on 5 October 2004 to launch initial operation plan to prevent and suppress corruption in government organizations. As enforced by The Royal Decree of Rules and Regulations of Nation Governance, government organizations were to accelerate transparency promotion and to foster value of integrity by correcting regulations that allow corruptions. Government organizations were also required to operate strictly to the morale system and to motivate leaders to act as role models.
To accomplish the goal of preventing and suppressing corruption in government organizations, Office of The Civil Service Commission, as coordinator and operator, therefore requested government organizations to accelerate transparency promotion. In addition, Thailand Prime Minister made a statement on 23 March 2005 that the nation can establish strong economy only by law compliance, administration of justice, and good governance. The statement focused on transparency in every level of government organizations and private communities. The Government would create investigation system, outline assessment procedures, develop tracking system and punishment legislations, disclose information, improve procurement and national budget appropriation, and encourage public to fight against corruption and misconducts of officers.
Department of Medical Services has attached significance to government policy of preventing and suppressing corruption by developing manual of operation for Department of Medical Services Transparency Strategy Plan and for Clean and Transparent Government Coordination Center. This manual also assists in tracking progress and providing counseling to organizations under Department of Medical Services, which further allows Government Transparency Center to accumulate information, make assessment, and submit the result to Office of The Public Sector Development Commission within 30 October of every year.